On the people’s table

At Eurocatering, and on a daily basis, we cultivate, grow and create products, relations and solutions which improve the quality of our nutrition as well as our life.

We place the fruits of our work on the people’s table in a steady, contemporary and synergetic manner. And we are proud of this because they are the fruit of the labour of many valuable stakeholders and constitute a growth trajectory which is based on sustainability.

This is how we define the meaning of doing business each day: to prosper evenly, on multiple levels and collectively.

We are a large company qualitatively connected with all the links of the agricultural and food value chain: seed and seedling companies, the country’s producers, catering establishments and retail-wholesale enterprises, and also, the final consumer. Our responsibility is deeply rooted into the soil, and its power exists in every product we sell and in every co-operation we develop

Eurocatering responds to supply needs with fresh fruit and vegetables, salads and healthy meals on a daily basis, timely and reliably.