We meticulously check each product which reaches the consumer’s table.

Our basic principle at Eurocatering is that during every production stage and before distribution of our products on the market, strict quality checks which comply with all the national and European legislation are carried out, regarding the content as well as the labelling of a product.

All Eurocatering products are produced according to the Integrated Agricultural Management system and the implementation of Quality Assurance and Food Safety System, certified by TUV HELLAS in accordance with EN ISO 9001: 2008 and EN ISO 22000:2005, and HACCP (CODEX ALIMENTARIUS) principles.

Apart from the independent authorities and certifications, we also carry out additional internal checks at Eurocatering’s relevant safety department which is manned by qualified personnel. This way, we ensure the highest quality and hygiene for our customers and we invite our partners to strictly adhere to the same safety policy and refrigeration cycle, in order for our fresh products to remain fresh until the moment they reach your plate.

In addition, we maintain an open communication line for any clarification, question or preference which you may want to point out. At Eurocatering, progress stems from your trust.

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