Our vision

Eurocatering’s vision is to bring health to the table, by being the primary and optimal source of supreme quality fruit and vegetables and by offering high added value services with freshness, robustness, passion and flexibility.

Freshness, means pioneering, innovation, encouragement of creativity. Freshness of ideas, entrepreneurial solutions and co-operations which will reflect in each one of our products.

Robustness, means participating in the quality of life with positive energy, strong ideas, founded relations and established expertise.

Passion, means that even under difficult circumstances we proceed with confidence and focus our energy on our daily mission.

Flexibility, means adhering to our promises for health, safety, efficiency and ethics.

These are the values which guide our actions, as we pursue our vision and build a large company.

Our mission

To be a reliable and consistent supplier of excellent quality and variety of fruits and vegetables.

To make fresh, tasty products from fruit and vegetables, just like the ones we select based on our appetite, but very often do not have the time at our own home to wash, cut and divide into portions.

To help the chefs and the catering establishments to easily create small healthy and tasty miracles for their guests and visitors.