Eurocatering-BG’s multidimensional production model

At a time when kitchens rely on their character and speed, when the local store exceeds its area limits, when the supermarket shelves are obliged to exquisitely and competitively invite clients, the need for catering with qualitative and selected fruit and vegetables requires a contemporary production, packaging and servicing model.

At Eurocatering-BG we specialise in the advanced selection, production and distribution of fresh and qualitative fruit and vegetables. We have cutting-edge equipment and trained individuals at every production stage. Our implemented policies include detailed checks during all processing phases and a harmonious and uneventful refrigeration cycle which maintains the freshness of our products.

Thus, the result is guaranteed at every step: from reception to delivery to the distribution points.

The first selection is carried out during the reception of the raw materials, at which time suitability is checked based on taste, colour, type and ripeness.

The second selection is carried out during the cutting stage, where the vegetables are carefully checked once again and are cut before proceeding to the washing stages.

In the washing machinery the chopped vegetables go through two phases. The first includes disinfection in a tank filled with constantly replenished water. The second includes high pressure spraying with fresh water. The process is repeated three times.

The meticulously washed vegetables are placed in a centrifuge apparatus where they drain and finally dry.

Weighing & Packaging
The vegetables proceed to the automatic weighing and packaging machine from where the final products are obtained.

The finished products go into the cooling cycle, as they are stored and preserved in chambers which keep their temperature at the desired level. The preservation cooling chambers operate at temperatures below 5°C.

The products are loaded onto the refrigerated lorries which have cooling elements and chambers capable of preserving the products at the suitable temperature (≤5°C). Eurocatering owns a fleet of 7 vehicles.

Quality controls
Eurocatering’s quality control and traceability system is in operation throughout the production process in order to ensure optimal processing and hygiene conditions, to verify the weight and content of the packages and to identify possible issues which need to be resolved. Quality assurance is of utmost importance and we do our best to achieve it.